Worksmart 1.04

Reminds the user to take breaks from the PC
1.04 (See all)
PanTerra Networks Inc

Ensures that you don't hurt yourself by spending too much time in front of the computer. The tool displays notifications about the need to take a break at previously scheduled time intervals. It also includes the ability to take into account lunch breaks and the ability to log the time spent working.

Spending too much time behind the computer?
Your body grown numb and you eyes hurting after another long workday?
Optimize your time with WorkSMART!
WorkSMART is a small software program that sits in the system tray menu of your computer and periodically reminds you to have short breaks, reminds you when its time to have lunch :) and when its time to go home :)

The WorkSMART tray menu icon changes its state depending on how long you will work on the computer. In this way you can quickly decide if its time to have a break.

WorkSMART also calculates how much time you spend on each program you are working with, allowing you to optimize your work time by concentrating on the more important tasks (programs).

In the next upcoming version of the program, we will add small and effective exercises that will help you to relax your eyes. Check out our web site periodically!

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